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Caring for Leaflace

Leaflace is 100% natural. Every leaf is different and as time goes on, colour will change slightly. 

  • To preserve the colour and form of the leaves, keep them away from direct sunlight and radiators. They should last for months. As Leaflace is a dried product, no water is required, making it a maintenance-free alternative to fresh flowers.

  • If you see dust gather on your Leaflace, simply blow away with a hairdryer held 60cm away.

Styling your Leaflace

Keep things simple and striking with your displays.

  • Three blades create an eye-catching minimal design, while six creates the volume and presence of a large bouquet of flowers.

  • Try including dried or preserved flowers in the display, if you want to include a floral element in your arrangement. 

  • Shape your leaves. You can contour the blades by ironing them on a medium heat, with a tea-towel on top. Secure them immediately in your desired position for a day or two until the ideal form is achieved. Watch the video to see how to create the different shapes.

  • If the leaf tips curl, iron them flat (using a medium heat and a tea-towel on top). 

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