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Sculptural forms
Handcrafted from leaves




'I absolutely love these. The sculptured look really raises the bar for dried foliage.

Jecks Stone, Wellness and Vegan Interior Designer

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Individually crafted dried foliage

'I love the meditative process of revealing this architectural quality to the leaf. Every form is different in shape and colour; each has its own beauty.'

Leaflace leaves are individually crafted to create the net-like pattern on the blades. The dried forms are long-lasting and low-maintenance. No water is required.

The leaves look stunning on their own or in dried flower bouquets.


Bring nature inside

For those who struggle to keep house plants alive, a Leaflace dried foliage arrangement makes a perfect interior decor item.


Leaflace is an alternative to pampas grass and eucalyptus. It is ideal in dark spaces, where houseplants can't survive easily. It also casts beautiful shadows in the evening, when placed  near a lamp.



What they have to say

'Beautiful arrangements that last'

The Guardian

'I really like what you're doing. Not only is the idea so uniquely carried out but your styling is great. I'm really impressed.'

Pip Rich, Editor, Livingetc

'Does anyone else struggle to keep plants alive? Me too. Introducing Leaflace. 100% natural, no water required and maintenance free, my kinda interiors accessory'.


 'I absolutely love these. The sculptured look really raises the bar for dried foliage.'

Jecks Stone, Wellness and Vegan Interior Designer



Leaflace selected for the 2023 Sustainable Design Forum & Awards event.

Leaflace was selected for display in the Materials Lab of the SDF. This event is a 'By Designers For Designers' setup by the SDC (Sustainable Design Collective) - a think tank of top A&D firms from the UK.


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