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Dried foliage for biophilic decor: Dried Eucalyptus, Stipa and Leaflace

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

For the houseplant killers out there, this post is for you. If you want to embrace the interiors trend of bringing nature inside, but can’t face another droopy houseplant, dried foliage is the answer.

From as far back as the 1800s, flowers and foliage were dried as a way to create beautiful indoor arrangements. This trend was re-introduced in the 1950s, returned in the 1970s/80s and again, it's having a comeback. A huge benefit of using dried foliage is that you can create long-lasting designs. And most importantly, it’s low maintenance; no water or sunshine required!

So, what dried foliage to choose....Is it still all about Pampas Grass?

Short answer, it was. Dried foliage supplier, Atlas, says ‘the trend for Pampas Grass was huge throughout 2020 and 2021. People could not get enough of this product. There has been an influx of imports from all over the world as manufacturers try and get a slice of the economic pie. It has to be said that not all of this pampas grass is equal; the quality is highly variable, and some of it is very poor indeed.'

Our top three picks for dried foliage for 2022 for biophilic interiors; Feather Grass, Eucalyptus and Leaflace

Feather Grass / Stipa

If you can’t fathom the idea of not having the feathery effect of Pampas Grass or Bunny tails, go for a more modern option with Feather Grass, or Stipa. This plant is soft and fluffy. The ivory and white tones are beautiful on their own or alongside other dried flowers. Incredibly light weight and soft to touch; they will add textural interest to any room of your home.


Eucalyptus is one of the simplest of dried foliage to arrange. The beautiful grey/green colour looks stunning in so many settings. It retains its shape well and holds onto its leaves. As it dries, it does become a bit more brittle and takes on a softer grey/green tone, which is as beautiful as when it is fresh. There are several varieties of Eucalyptus, all good for dried arrangements. The round leaves of the Cinerea, Baby Blue and Populus are best known and widely available. The Nicoli is also stunning with its longer feather-like leaves. If you love the smell of eucalyptus, add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to the stems.


The Vegan Interior designer, Jecks Stone, says, the ‘sculptured look (of Leaflace) really raises the bar for dried foliage’. The newcomer in the dried foliage market has an artisan edge, with every leaf individually crafted to create a net-like pattern on the long striking blades. Unlike many of the other foliage options, the blades can be shaped into soft curls, which hold for many months. The colours range from yellow, to pea green and even dark green / grey; all of which fade beautifully with time. Leaflace is the rare one to get hold of. There is only one supplier. The leaves can be bought at All of the leaves are grown in the UK, without peat, pesticides, refrigerated storage or transport. The green credentials are high, so you can be sure you are making your home beautiful, as well as an eco-friendly haven with this product.

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