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Christmas decorating ideas 2022 - using foliage and floral design

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Decorating your home with nature this festive season doesn't need to be complicated. Here are a range of ideas to help you make your home feel special using foliage and floral design.

Simple and minimal Christmas decorating

I embrace a minimal and natural aesthetic with Christmas decorating so loved this article by Aditi Sharma Maheshwari for Aditi highlights accessible ideas for fireplace decor such as foraging 'for the best evergreens you can find. And then just trail it along your fireplace. Fill in any gaps with taper candles at varying heights, and give this classic look a more contemporary feel'. She also reveals how to create a scandi table and how to decorate on a budget.

Top tips on how to make a festive garland

Lilith Hudson highlights top tips from florists on how to make a successful festive garland for your mantlepiece or fireplace for The article recommends lots of practical ideas including which long-lasting seasonal foliage to use, how to keep it alive, how to fix it to your mantel. She also highlights aesthetic decorating ideas such as using the design and colour scheme of the room to inform the design of the garland, and matching the tree by including baubles.

Video tutorials on wreath and other festive floral designs

Philippa Craddock is one of UK's leading floral designers and has done incredible designs including that for the wedding for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. She is generous in the sharing of her expertise and has videos for foliage wreath making and step-by-step guides to mantel designs on her website.

Ashlee Jane, founder of The Suffolk Nest, again is wonderful in the sharing of her video tutorials for all things festive and floral decorating. See how to make a Christmas swag for your front door, how to create a living table centrepiece, how to make a Christmas wreath and how to hang a garland on a stair bannister - all from her Instagram account.

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